23 February 2016

Welcome to my blog

This is my first blog post. It's a bit scary to think this will be out in the web world for all to see. I only hope I can create my own little corner in that world. Much like real life I suppose.

My first post I wanted to share with you all is a beyond the page project I won in a raffle donated by Papervine (to my surprise as I don't normally win anything). It has been sitting around for ages and after a recent visit to my local scrapbooking shop, Artful Crafts I was inspired to do something. I was up till 1am that night working on this and completed it last night.

I covered these draws with Kaisercraft Needle and Thread paper. In order to get a smooth edge I ran a nail file along the edges. 

The top was embellished with little bits and pieces including buttons, lace, cotton reels of various sizes, scissors, measure tape and a little sewing machine charm.

I chose not to embellish the sides of the little draws because I didn't want to take away the effect of having a collection of items on the top. Had I used plainer paper on the draws I may have added more.

There was a couple of late nights spent on this little project but I feel it was worth it, despite being just a little tired at work the next day.

I hope you all enjoyed my first blog. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on ways I can improve this blog. I am so excited to be finally published (not to mention the huge learning curve to start blogging). Next item on bucket list is to write a book. Something tells me that is a long way off being accomplished.